People who are familiar with Burberry see "Burberry lattice" as if they see their favorite brand.

Lattice is to England what flag and emblem are to Italy. It is called windows in England and it is a symbol of family. Burberry's signature plaid is a symbol of Burberry family identity and status. This three thick and one thin cross pattern, which is composed of light camel, black, red and white, is not publicity and charming. It naturally exudes a mature and rational charm, reflects Burberry's history and quality, and even represents the British nation and culture.

In 1924, the tartan pattern with strong Scottish flavor was registered as a trademark. Soon, the red, camel, black and white Tartan became synonymous with Burberry products. Blue is also added to enrich the connotation of Burberry's lattice pattern.

In 1967, burberry began to use its famous plaid pattern on umbrellas, bags and scarves, highlighting the characteristics of Burberry products.

Today, with both nostalgia and innovation, burberry's lattice style has successfully penetrated into all fields from clothing, accessories to household products, and has been famous for nearly a hundred years. Burberry is a brand that is easy to arouse people's romantic reverie. People like it not only because of its classic history of more than 100 years and the iconic lattice pattern, but also because of what Rose Marie Bravo called "the return of high fashion to luxury and magnificent fashion, and the young generation's return to the real traditional model from Burberry".

British old brand Burberry London Blue Label handkerchief, classic style, elegant and eternal. With its classic and unique patterns and world-class quality, it has become a fashionable and popular school. 100% pure cotton texture is very delicate and comfortable, and it has the characteristics of washing without fading, deformation and luster. Moreover, it can be used as a handkerchief, square towel, headscarf, hair ornament, scarf, etc. it can also be tied on the bag. In a word, it's a very worthy one of all kinds, showing elegant nature!





在怀旧和创新兼具的今天,Burberry的格子风格成功渗透到从服装、配饰到居家用品的各个领域,经历近百年而盛名不衰。Burberry是一个很容易引起人浪漫遐想的品牌,人们喜欢它的原因,不仅因为它100多年的经典历史、标志性的格子图案,还有Rose Marie Bravo所说的“高级时装回归奢华瑰丽风尚,年轻一代从Burberry中寻回真正传统的典范”。

英国老牌BURBERRY LONDON蓝标手帕,经典款式,优雅永恒。以它经典独特的花纹和世界一流的品质,成为时尚流行一派,100%纯棉质地相当细腻舒适,并具有洗涤不退色、不变形、保持光泽等特点。而且可以一帕多用,可用作手帕、方巾、头巾、发饰、领巾等,还可以扎在包包上,总之是一件相当值得拥有的百搭单品,尽显优雅本色!